Support us if you want French jumpers to keep going strong!

For our friends abroad, a warm hello and welcome! As you may know already, every member of France Galop -including the foreigners registered as owners and breeders in France- will vote in November to elect their representatives on France Galop board. That’s 23 out of 58 members, incl. Ten owners, eight breeders, four trainers and one jockey. Alliance Galop est a new party for this election created by the AQPS owners and breeders. Most of us are involved in jump racing, but we want to support racing in France as a whole. We are willing to promote our business model that some adventurers want to privatize. We see our large racecourses network throughout the whole country (just like racing under both codes and point-to-pointing in Britain and Ireland) as an asset rather than a burden. And we want to make sure racing is promoted through betting rather than the other way around, which is leading us to a dead-end. Please feel free to ask your questions, « like » us if you agree with us, and by all means, do support us!

We will try and give you news on the debate in France, how to vote and when, and your questions will help us to understand what you are looking for.

Here’s a link to the electoral calendar. Unfortunately, it’s in French! You will note that every voter will receive a password to vote soon after Oct. 25, and the vote on the Internet will be open between Nov. 4th and 15th).